Monash IVF and Australian Athletes' Alliance (AAA)

SAPA played an active role in developing the Fertility Wellness partnership between Monash IVF and AAA.

SAPA is proud to have been involved in the partnership between Monash IVF Groip and AAA, delivering fertility education and support for professional athletes around Australia.

Athletes may face unique challenges due to the impact of high-performance sport programs and competition.

By understanding these challenges, athletes can make better informed decisions to manage their circumstances more effectively, increasing their chances of having a baby now or in the future.

This game changer of a partnership delivers fertility education and support for AFL, rugby league, basketball, netball, cricket, football and hockey athletes.

The aim is to empower athletes (current and past) to understand and optimise their reproductive health – improving their chances of having a family when they are ready.

It also shows what can be achieved in sport when all parties work together towards a common goal and is a credit to the player associations’ leadership in this important area.