Australian Netball Players Association

SAPA assisted with the negotiation of the Super Netball CPA.

SAPA is proud to have helped the Australian Netball Players Association (ANPA) secure a ‘historic’ new 3-year Suncorp Super Netball Collective Player Agreement (SSN CPA) with Netball Australia and Teams. 

Our goal throughout the negotiation was always to ensure the current financial challenges of the game were addressed, while protecting the value and contribution of players, including providing them a respected voice through a partnership model with the league. 

We believe the deal reflects that, as well as giving the sport the best chance to set itself up for long term success. 

SAPA Director, Ian Prendergast, was able to leverage his collective bargaining experience, particularly across the AFL and NRL, to help advocate on behalf of players and allow the parties to agree on a fair and balanced deal.

The main elements of the agreement are:

  • 11% increase pay rise over three years, with back pay to October 1, 2023
    The average potential salary will rise to $89,221
  • Increase in minimum salary from $40,000 to $46,600 over the term
  • Players to receive 20% of above forecast sponsorship revenue, a first for the sport
  • Players will work closely with the game’s commercial partners to grow the sport, including additional earning potential for players through increases to commercial caps
  • The introduction of an 11th player, whereby one nominated training partner per team is eligible for selection outside of injury or illness on a 6-month minimum salary contract
  • The establishment of a Professional Netball Committee, with formal ANPA representation to work collaboratively through new opportunities for continued progression for athletes and the growth of the league
"SAPA has been a huge support for the ANPA and its members during such a challenging period for netball. SAPA's extensive experience, knowledge across sports and network have helped guide us strategically, while boosting our capabilities. They have become an integral part of our team and we love partnering with them."
Kathryn Harby-Williams